Erasmus in Azores

In a very recent past tourism was something that was somewhat overlooked. Not by the upper class that most of them were not affected by the crisis, but by the middle and lower classes. Due to the world crisis, a large part of these people had to re-establish their priorities and travel was perhaps one of the things that happened to the background. With the improvement of the economic spectrum people have returned to travel and tourism is on the rise. Not only that, the low cost airlines were also a big help in making this happen. Affordable travel and the least indebted people was the perfect match to spark everyone’s interest in traveling, which until then was mostly made up of people with a fairly stable lifestyle. It is my perception of things, not absolute truth.

Well … coming back to me. I’m in my last year of graduation and I thought it would be interesting to do Erasmus: meet people, exchange ideas, meet other places, new experiences? Sounds great, does not it? That’s because it is.

I researched several sites and universities and from what I perceive, against all odds I opted for the University of the Azores. For those who do not know the Azores is an island that although autonomous belongs to Portugal. And if at first I regretted it a little because it was a much smaller medium than I was accustomed to, I realized that this had much more to learn than what I expected. The island of São Miguel (island where I am) is a perfect example of entrepreneurship. From what I know this island has become a point of reference in tourism due to its clear natural beauty, but also to the entrepreneurship of those who walk around and help the island of São Miguel to grow.

Natural beauty is not enough to attract visitors. It takes a lot of work to make the site a place of excellence. People develop commercial activities according to their resources and as such, being surrounded by sea, nothing better that explores it and offer visitors an experience that so early do not forget. To be satisfied, to tell you how good it was to visit the Azores … to attract even more people by streamlining your business and the island. I present a good example of this

Sport fishing is carried out for the sole purpose of leisure without the intention of selling the fish. It is essentially to provide guests with a sea tour where they can see some marine species along the coast. I tried it and loved it. And it is an excellent example of how entrepreneurship is good for the locals, for the visitors, for the ones. In short, everyone wins.

I leave you the link of activities and prices, if you visit the island of São Miguel

Who am I?

Hello. My name is Debbie and I am taking a degree in Tourism at Lincoln University and I found it to be a good idea to enrich my curriculum by doing Erasmus.

I’ve always been fascinated by the whole environment around tourism, and now that there’s nothing else to say about entrepreneurship, why not combine two things that are high? People are finishing up paying their debts, countries too and people are enjoying more and more to travel and spend more money on tourism. The whole social environment also boosts travel consumption and I think it’s a great opportunity to apply my knowledge on the ground when I finish my degree.